Free pillow twin pack for Hosts

Be honest... how long has it been since you replaced your pillows?

If you can't remember, chances are it has been too long! Over time pillows contain a build-up of body oils, dead skin and dust mites, so it might be time to bring in the new.

When you host a part during November, you could receive an exclusive Japara covered pillow twin pack for free! These quality hollow fibre pillows will retain their shape and plumpness and are fully machine washable, making them perfect for allergy sufferers.

terms & conditions

  • Available at parties held 1 – 30 November 2017.
  • Free pillow twin pack available to qualifying hosts with $750 or more in guest sales.
  • Party must have a minimum of 3 purchasing guests (not including host).
  • Free pack consists of two Japara covered, hollow filled pillows, with RRP of $79.
  • Maximum of one free pillow twin pack per host.