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how far could a bit of bravery take you?

With just $25 and some grit, your whole world could change.

Starting your own Lorraine Lea business could open up a world of possibility. Build a new career or simply earn some extra cash. It's your business and it can take you anywhere you want to go.

Financial freedom, more time with your family, or holiday spending money – you can achieve your goals with just a few parties a week.

How much can you earn?

Get the low down on how much money you can make as an Independent Stylist, including bonuses and opportunities to increase your earnings, with our detailed income guide. 

Lorraine Lea benefits
Benefit of flexibility


live a life you dream of

By working when and where you want to, you can achieve true work-life balance while earning a great income. 

Benefit of style


create looks you love

Learn to create spaces you want to spend time in, using the beautiful homewares you'll be selling.

Benefit of travel


see the world on our dime

Earn opportunites to travel on corporate sponsored trips, or save for family holidays with your new income. 

Benefit of freedom


take control of your life

Take charge of your earnings and your career. Free yourself from debt and the pressure of the 9-5. 

Lorraine Lea success stories
Success story - Lissy Verity

lissy verity

“When I started, I was still running my pet store business. I was doing parties part-time, but making more than I was at the store. After my heart attack I knew I had to take a step back. By making Lorraine Lea parties my career, I can work less and earn more.”

Success story - Melinda Felix

melinda felix

“I spent a long time struggling to make ends meet. I invested my last $100 on this business, and today it’s booming. I paid for my wedding, my investment properties and built my new home all with my Lorraine Lea profits."

Success story - Sharon Delaney

sharon delaney

“I wanted to leave the stress of my job and change my lifestyle for the better. This meant working my own hours, taking holidays when I wanted and being there for my family, while still earning an executive income. Now I have a career I can be proud of.”

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terms and conditions

• $25 deposit offer available to new Stylists with Starter Kits dispatched between 21 July – 31 August 2017.
• Full Starter Kit Price is discounted by $300 (reduced from $550). The Display Kit Balance of $225 will be deducted from profits on subsequent parties.
• Final paperwork and Kit Deposit must be submitted by midday AET 30 August 2017.
• New Stylists are expected to complete 6 starter parties (usually 8) as part of their training.